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Lodinews.com shifts to ‘metered content’


Dear Lodinews.com reader:

On Monday, April 29, we began a new way of offering news on Lodinews.com. It’s called “metered content.”

  • Occasional readers of Lodinews.com won’t notice the change.
  • If you are a Lodi News-Sentinel subscriber, there will be no charge for accessing Lodinews.com.
  • Those who don’t subscribe to the paper and who read lots of news at Lodinews.com will be asked to subscribe.

The price of an online subscription will be the same as a newspaper delivered to a Lodi home. Current News-Sentinel subscribers will get free access to all online content. But if you are a newspaper subscriber you’ll have to go through the hassle of registering.

We started Lodinews.com with free access in 1998. Back then we thought we’d save enough in reduced delivery costs that free access would work.

Sadly, it did not.

Increased competition and computerized information services have driven down the price of advertising.

But computers don’t cover the news. Journalists do. As long as journalism is a profession, it can’t be free.

Our access policy will insure a gentle transition from free to pay. It’s called “metered content,” because we’ll count the number of local stories readers access. Anyone can read up to ten stories a month hassle-free. Readers who look at more than ten stories will be asked to register. If they register but don’t subscribe, they will receive ten more free stories — 20 per month. The heaviest users will reach the subscription page and have to pay.

As we launch this new policy, editor Rich Hanner’s news room is progressing toward a 24-hour news cycle. There will be more frequent updates and weekend news than ever before on Lodinews.com. The natural advantages of our website will continue — blogs, videos and story search. Ads and content contributed from people in the community is not metered and will remain free.

And it’s all delivered to your smart phone, tablet or desktop computer, wherever you go.

Thank you for reading Lodinews.com and supporting the staff of the Lodi News-Sentinel where we’ve been “connecting you to your community” since 1881.


Marty Weybret, publisher

Lodi News-Sentinel and Lodinews.com